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  • The professionals of Kaufman Steinberg LLP

    have helped many of L.A. and Orange County's highest-profile business personalities, families & celebrity clientele.

  • Kaufman Steinberg LLP is one the most respected Family Law firms in California

    Offering decades of Family Law experience from partners Stephen J. Kaufman and Jordon P. Steinberg, Kaufman Steinberg LLP brings tremendous expertise to any matter of Family Law.

  • At Kaufman Steinberg LLP we provide our clients with the highest level of service

    From uncontested settlements to high-asset, multi-state divorces that require the utmost discretion, Kaufman Steinberg LLP takes every single step to plan out and obtain the best possible outcome for our valued clients.

  • Kaufman Steinberg LLP is prepared to litigate thoroughly and aggressively

    While the offices of Kaufman Steinberg LLP try to settle as many of our client's issues as possible without litigating in order to reduce our client's expenses, the best way to achieve this is to always be prepared to litigate. This strategy has historically resulted in giving our clients the strongest possible negotiating position.

  • In need of mediation?

    If you believe that you and your spouse/partner reached, or may reach, an agreement in general, but need assistance in navigating the family law process and reducing your terms to a writing, Kaufman Steinberg can facilitate your matter through the mediation process rather than traditional litigation model. Attorney Stephen J. Kaufman and Jordon P. Steinberg, Managing Partner, can guide you through the emotional waters of dissolution, parentage or other matter through a thoughtful and constructive mediation approach rather than the adversarial litigation process.

Orange County Family Law Lawyer

Family law attorney in Irvine

Attorneys are problem solvers and family law presents some of the most emotional and stressful problems that clients face. It’s the job of attorneys at Kaufman Steinberg to help you address these problems, and we can work together to create the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

When family issues arise that lead you to seek legal counsel, you might dwell on the past. You may second guess yourself, wish you could have made other choices, or regret past mistakes. Though we need to learn about your past and present, we focus on what you want for your future and the best ways you can get where you and your family want to be.

We will ask you to step back, look at the big picture and see what you want and need for the future. The attorneys at Kaufman Steinberg will represent you and do what needs to be done so you will have the best chance of attaining your current and future goals, wants and needs, while also respecting your current status as you work through “the tough times.”

We will ask you

  • What is going right and what is going wrong,
  • About your family situation and dynamics involved,
  • Your professional and financial situations, and
  • About your children and what’s best for their futures.

We will explain

  • Applicable laws impacting your situation,
  • Potential legal strategies, their costs and benefits, and
  • Roles that negotiation, mediation and litigation play in the legal system.

The family law attorneys at Kaufman Steinberg perform many tasks for our clients:

  • We support our clients through difficult times with compassion and understanding,
  • We counsel clients and provide them with legal advice and a frank, honest assessment of their situation, the legal obstacles they face, and suggest the best options to reach their goals, and
  • We zealously defend our client’s legal rights and protect their interests as well as their children’s rights and interests, whether we’re negotiating or mediating a resolution or litigating a case.

We pride ourselves in our family practice, the personal service we provide our clients, our record of achieving successful outcomes, and our ability to secure the financial futures of our clients and their children. It is our goal to serve you with utmost integrity and caring.

We represent clients in the entire range of family law cases, from straightforward cases where the parties remain on good terms, to complex, highly contested cases where substantial assets, income, business ownership, or child custody are in dispute.

We use our extensive professional experience, as well as work with a proven network of top professionals to help our clients achieve a fair and equitable distribution of property. We utilize the services of experts in the fields of custody, accounting, tax, stock valuation, retirement valuation, personal property appraisals and other areas that might require professional services.

Whether family law issues need to be resolved in court, or we’re trying to work out a settlement that all parties will find acceptable through negotiation or mediation, the focus of Kaufman Steinberg family law attorneys is always to fully protect your interest and those of your children.

If you have any questions or concerns about family law issues that currently, or may in the future impact your life and the lives of your children, contact Kaufman Steinberg today so we can connect you with a Family Law Attorney Orange County based practitioner and start the conversation about what your family life is like now, and what you want it to be like in the future.

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