Here is what our clients have to say
about Jordon P. Steinberg:

Available and Responsive

"Getting a divorce is never easy, but Jordon was so compassionate and forthcoming on what to expect, and how things were going to go. Not one time did I have a problem getting information from him or hearing back from him. I highly recommend him!"

Truly one of the best.

"I strongly recommend Jordon Steinberg. Professional and fair. Very diligent staff. Was very responsive and was able to assist me in matters even on weekends and holidays. Truly one of the best. We accomplished and achieved even more than I had imagined. Very concerned about family and finding a solution best for children if involved. I feel so lucky to have had him represent me."

Honest, Respectable, Trustworthy

"Jordon Steinberg is a man of the highest integrity who's work ethic and professionalism is impeccable. His ability to be empathetic and instill compassion during a time of total despair, was the force that gave me strength and hope. My first contact with Jordon was in 2008 and my first impressions of him were: honest, non-judgmental, sincere. At no time did I feel pressure or uncomfortable and in 2014 when I was ready to proceed, Jordon was the one I contacted. Jordon and his team provided me with the legal guidance and support I needed to persevere and move forward during an extremely difficult time. His knowledge of family law surpasses all others and his support staff is stellar. They played an integral part in keeping the lines of communication open at all times, no matter what. Jordon's patience and caring demeanor are what guided me through the steps and process of divorce and was the glue that held me together. I could not and would not be where I am today without Jordon. I have no words for someone who believed in me when nobody else would. I will be forever grateful."

Excellent Family Law Attorney

"Jordon is a great attorney. He always works hard to find the best solutions for his clients and keeps in mind the impact to the children involved. He knows the law well and also consults with you on the possible outcomes and risks involved. He has great negotiation talents and strong tactful skills in court. I highly recommend him.

The best ethical trusted family law specialist there is...Highly recommended."

"Jordon is the finest family law attorney and conveys strong ethical values. His compassion, integrity and professionalism shows through his capability to converse and achieve what is in the best interest of his clients. With the extensive knowledge of family law and a very influential attorney, a person can depend on with the utmost confidence in going through a difficult situation such as divorce. Jordon is an exceptional attorney and extremely recommended for anyone in search of a family law specialist. I have and continue to refer Jordon to friends and co-worker without hesitation."

See what our clients have to say
about Stephen J. Kaufman:

Stephen Kaufman is a true professional and dedicated to his clients

"Stephen helped with a case my ex wife brought to OCCS after 30 years falsely claiming I owed back child support. He was very thorough and explained everything to us on our level. His presentation in court with all of the facts and his knowledge I believe helped make a quick decision by the court in our favor."

A Superb Lawyer!

"I am extremely grateful to Mr. Kaufman for his guidance, support and generosity in helping me achieve the best outcome in my child custody case. Mr. Kaufman was able to see through and understand issues at many levels and offered me good advice well beyond just legal aspects of the situation. Mr. Kaufman is very hardworking, a strength I can truly appreciate. I highly recommend Attorney Kaufman and I am sure he will do an excellent job for you!!! Thank you Mr. Kaufman for the amazing job you did for me and my daughter."

Finally an Attorney with a high standards honesty and ethics!"

"My name is Randy K. Jones, I've worked with Mr. Kaufman and his his highly professional staff for nearly ten years. I've used four different Attorney's in my Family law case in Orange County, Ca. and found his honesty and level of ethics to be unmatched. As a person, I would be proud to have him as a friend, which I could not say of any other Attorney that I've met. I have nothing but great and kind words to express my thoughts and gratitude for Mr. Kaufman."

I would definitely recommend Stephen

"My divorce took over two years and Stephen was there with his support, recommendations and knowledge. His ethical approach and direct manner assured and confirmed my decisions. Rather than make decisions for me, he informed me of all possible consequences and listened respectfully to my decisions. I recommend Mr. Kaufman as a fair, responsible, and competent attorney."

Excellent choice

"When I hired Stephen Jay Kaufman to be my attorney back in 2005 I knew that he is an excellent attorney but I didn't know that he is a true Mensch! Steve was fighting for my rights and was very dedicated to my case. He was very responsive to every question I had and always kept me informed. Steve really cared for the best interest of my kids and always gave me the best advise. I highly recommend using his services!"

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