Orange County Family Mediation

Most family law cases are not resolved through litigation. Cases settle because the parties reach an agreement. That agreement can be reached through direct negotiation between the parties or with a third party mediator; we are skilled mediators that can help you and your spouse come to an amicable resolution. In addition, we represent our clients in mediation sessions, and they can often be very effective to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation in court.

There are many benefits to pursuing family law mediation rather than divorce.

  • Parties in litigation lose control of the outcome. If they can’t work things out themselves, it’s up to a judge to decide. Judges’ decisions are difficult and expensive to appeal, if things don’t go your way.
  • Trials are open to the public. Given the very intimate details that these cases often involve, total strangers and even the media may watch and listen, then publish what they’ve learned.
  • Family law cases can be very emotional. Parties and witnesses put those emotions on display at trial. That may be something that you’re not comfortable with and prefer to maintain privacy.
  • If the case involves domestic abuse, addiction and/or infidelity, disclosures may be highly embarrassing.
  • Family finances and the management and finances of family owned businesses are discussed in open court and revealed in publicly available court documents.
  • Litigation is very costly in time, energy and money. Both parties normally share the cost of a mediator. If the mediation is successful, it can save the parties resources they can use to get their lives back together again.

Orange County Family Law Mediation

In mediation, the parties and their attorneys, if represented, meet with the mediator. That person may be an attorney practicing family law or a retired judge. Who the mediator will be is agreed to by the parties. Mediators should have excellent knowledge of family law when mediating family law cases. They should be trained and experienced in helping parties reach a resolution, though each mediator varies in his or her approach or style. The mediation is held in private, and the disclosures made cannot be used at trial if mediation fails to resolve the case. Kaufman Steinberg attorneys are qualified and suited to mediate your case.

Usually both parties have an opportunity to tell their side of the story, set forth proposed settlement terms and explain why theirs is a fair proposal. Each party is typically given separate rooms where they can talk privately with their attorney(s). The mediator shuttles back and forth with proposals, and s/he may meet just with the parties’ attorneys, to get their input or reaction to possible terms.

A mediator will get to the heart of the matter, explore what the parties want or need to resolve the case, and will help enable the parties to engage in give-and-take, in order to reach a resolution. Some mediators may propose possible solutions, while others will leave that entirely to the parties and the attorneys.

Divorce Law Mediation

The point of a family law case is to help a client reach his or her goals in a way that most likely will be successful, at the lowest cost in time, energy and expense. Mediation is a way to shorten the litigation process, providing a positive outcome at a lower cost, which is why we represent clients trying to settle family law cases in mediation.

If you have any questions about family law issues and how they might be resolved in a way that’s more private and normally less confrontational and costly than a trial, contact Kaufman Steinberg so we can discuss the issues you’re facing and how they might be resolved.

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